A Motivation Tip that Works Wonders

Motivation for Weight Loss

Your Hunger to Change must be Greater than your Hunger to Stay Still

But how?

This is easy to say and and accept cognitively, and most people WANT to get to that motivated state, but getting and staying there usually isn’t that easy.

Here are the 3 steps that need to be taken:

The “What If?” Question

– Ask your self the “What if?” question. What if it was possible for you to change your body into your own version of the woman in the picture above. It may be a long way off but what if it was possible? What would you need to do? Can you see yourself getting beyond just losing a few pounds? Imagine it and see the road there, then write it down as a sentence.

Path # 1

– Take 30 minutes to write down what would happen if you did nothing for the next 5 years. What your body would be like, your health, your energy and overall level of confidence and happiness? Then imagine what that would do for the people around you, how they would be effected by your decision to do nothing. Really take the time to think about how your life would be, by doing nothing to change your diet and exercise lifestyle. Allow yourself to become anxious.

Path # 2

– Now, take another 30 minutes to write down what your life would be like 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and then 5 years from now, if you pursued that image you created in your mind. The one about what your body could be like in the 1st step above. Imagine how your body could change and how much more you would be able to develop, compared to your past expectations. Imagine your mood, level of happiness and poise, the inspiration to others around you and the health benefits you’ll gain. What about mobility and ability? What worlds now open up because of that; hiking, adventure trips etc…? Again, really make this stand out CLEARLY in your mind.

Now, take a minute to feel the reality of the choice to do nothing, how it scares you, and, simultaneously the pull to just go for it, feeling what excites you.

Daily 1 Minute Use

Everyday thereafter take a minute to read what you wrote (in the 3 steps above) first thing in the morning, and that will keep you MOTIVATED.

The above method is not some internet motivational meme, or made-up goal setting practice, it’s a method that has been thoroughly tested and has shown great promise in the psychological realm.

Use it to your advantage.

It’s a powerful tool.

– The SolidWeightLoss Team

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