Green Tea Daily?

Green Tea & Weight Loss

Green Tea & Weight Loss

Everyone asks if it’s possible to lose weight while drinking green tea.

Can you Lose Weight Drinking Green Tea Daily?

Once again here is our quick, 10 line, stanza-response to answer your question:

*** Remember, all weight loss, no matter how you do it, is a function of insulin control.

The Lose Weight w/ Green Tea Assumption

1. Green tea is a fine drink to consume

2. while attempting a weight loss journey

3. the thing you have to remember is

4. that it isn’t the main cause of why you’ll lose weight

5. only food manipulation can do that (or drugs like lots of caffeine)

6. so green tea then becomes an aide, kind of like snacking on celery sticks

7. it’s something you enjoy and can consume en masse because it doesn’t spike your insulin.

8. the caffeine in it isn’t that high compared to other drinks like coffee or black tea

9. so the idea that green tea alone has the power to change your weight is a myth …

10. … but don’t let that stop you from enjoying this healthy beverage on your way to a new you:


High Antioxidant, Green Tea Delight
Loose Green Tea Leaves

Loose Green Tea Leaves

Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea

Green Tea Fields

Green Tea Fields

Green tea has TONS of healthy nutrients in it so while you’re improving your health losing weight, you’re also improving your nutritional profile drinking this beverage, AND, enjoying the process.

– SolidWeightLoss

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