The Happy Diet

The Happy Diet

Looking Forward to Eating

Eating takes up about an hour of your day everyday. That is 7 hours per week, 30+ hours per month and over 400 hours per year. If you adopt a diet that you do not like or look forward to then all of that time is wasted and all of the enjoyment, potential enjoyment actually, is wasted.

That’s one issue with not looking forward to meal times. The other is that it will become impossible to stay on for any reasonable length of time.

Imagine how you’d feel when you are hungry and know that you have to go and eat something you won’t enjoy. You have a craving and will eat to quell it instead of satisfying it. AND, you have to do some work (food prep) to do what you really aren’t that motivated for to boot!

Make sure you take some time to arrange your diet and plan for it so that each time you eat something, you are looking forward to it and that it is a pleasurable part of your day, week and year.

– The SolidWeightLoss Team

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