What’s Missing in the Weight Loss Equation

Diet Failure and Weight Loss

Going fast and getting nowhere.

Everyone diets and most everyone fails. We all know to eat chicken and broccoli and to stay away from waffles and fries. Despite knowing the basics, there are 2 main areas that are missing from the weight loss equation.


This is a small part of the equation but an important one nonetheless. In the 70s, 80s and 90s we were told over and over again to eat a high carbohydrate diet and do lots of aerobic exercise, as if it was gospel.

Incredible how that was not only wrong but what was right is THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

Eating everything but carbs and doing lots of high intensity exercise is what turned out to be the solution to not only losing weight but becoming healthier. Who would have thought that by eating more fat (along with less carbs) that we would actually have less of it on our bodies and in our arteries?

So having the right information is the first key to losing weight. Although the right information has been out for years, it takes time for us all to absorb and accept it. I still hear people who adamantly choose margarine over “evil” butter and am amazed that a marketing campaign from the 70s still has it’s hold over us almost half a century later.


Most of our decisions are emotional and often unsound. But because we have big brains, we later rationalize our decision using logic to make them acceptable to us, which is a way of tricking ourselves really.

Think of the person who eats a dessert like muffins because they added a teaspoon of vegetables in them and used whole wheat flour instead of white. They craved comfort food (emotional pull) and told themselves it was okay to eat because it was “healthy” (rationalizing).

Our emotions control so much of our behavior so focusing on them is the 2nd key to the weight loss equation.

More to come on emotions in upcoming blog posts.

– SolidWeightLoss

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