You have to Push Yourself to Lose Weight

Push Yourself to Lose Weight

Inner Dialogue & Weight Loss

There is a dominant voice in your head that is asking you to “stop” or slow down or that you have done enough. You have to learn to recognize it as the “lazy voice”.

Learning to discern which voice is which is important. Sometimes you are being told that you have done enough by the voice that takes care of you, and senses that you may over-do a workout or perhaps even injure yourself. THAT voice you need to listen to.

Another will tell you that you are ugly in every way and need to spend 3 hours/day in the gym and starve yourself when you get home. That voice needs to be acknowledged and tended to, but not listened to.

Then there’s the lazy voice that talks you out of keeping your diet on track or going to the gym or … pushing hard.

In that case you need to develop the voice that wants positive change and learn to use it by talking to yourself in your mind regularly about what you want to accomplish and all of the good that can come of a proper effort.

This voice has to be cultivated daily to be dominant.

– The SolidWeightLoss Team

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