The Foundation of All Weight Loss

Diet and Weight Loss Foundation

… is your psychology.

Change that and changing your body not only becomes easy but almost automatic.

Think about anyone you ever knew who has succeeded in losing weight, and you’ll find someone who changed on the inside first. What didn’t happen was:

  • Them trying a new diet.
  • Them just deciding to make a change.
  • Them being inspired by Richard Simmons.

What generally does happen in most cases is that people get fed up. And what that means is that they got in touch with the reality and pain of being overweight, tolerated that for too long so that it got to a point where they couldn’t take it anymore = Instant Resolve.


Although it hurts, it’s also what will propel you to change for the good.

Some ideas for getting yourself in touch with reality that come to mind are:

  • Taking pictures and videos that show you in an honest light. Then, watch them while taking in what you see and notice the emotions that come up.
  • Ask your friends for their honest opinions of your body. If they are good friends, they will be truthful with you.
  • Take the time to notice how your clothes feel, fit and look on you.
  • Look up what your ideal body weight is for your height and frame size and see how far away you are from it.
  • Look in the mirror naked and take in all you can about what you see.

The point of doing those things is not to beat yourself up. That’s not useful to you.

The point is to get yourself to a place emotionally that is difficult to tolerate, and then use that discomfort to push you forward so that you get the results you want.

Changing your psychology is an immense task, kind of like trying to understand women – sorry, I couldn’t resist – but the way to successfully do that is the same way you would tackle anything that seems daunting …

… one step at a time, without stopping.

– SolidWeightLoss

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