Being “Good” with your Diet

Being good with your Diet

Have you been good with your diet?

If not, it means you have been, well bad.


When people frame their eating this way, they are in essence connecting it to their self worth. They are saying that they are bad if they are unable to stick to the diet plan they decided to adopt.

The result is that they go through the emotional turmoil of guilt and anger turned inwards and all of the stress and pain that comes with it, every time they deviate or cheat. Over time they create a negative self-image and associate it with dieting so that whenever they think of starting a new diet, or of even having to “stay on course,” they feel frustration and resignation. A sure path to failure.


Your mother in law. Although it’s true that most of your problems in life are due to her, in this case, the reason you cheat or can’t stay “good” with your diet is mostly unconscious. People cheat and they have no idea why, except to say that they feel this PULL or this urge to eat something, preferably with lots of carbs in it.

That pull is due to unregulated anxiety you may or may not be aware of. There’s a reason they call it comfort eating. Eating calms you down and makes you feel more, “settled,” although most people say they feel better when really they mean less bad.

Stop beating yourself up. They key lies with your emotions and so becoming aware of them is the beginning of solving your diet, and most other problems in your life.

– SolidWeightLoss

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