Make Weight Loss Easy by making it Fun

Making Diet and Weight Loss Fun

I think this is something we forget too easily.

The secret ingredient that allows us humans to do something over and over is FUN.

Think about any job that you didn’t dread going to every morning. Either it was stimulating by being challenging, interesting in some way, or, it was just plain fun. You liked just hanging out and joking around with the people.

The same can be said of almost any environment you find yourself in from the school you attend to the bikini contest you somehow find yourself judging.


I was watching youtube videos on Olympic swimmers and came across one bunch who were world class performers, and by looking at their training regimen I could see why. It was brutal.

Fascinated, I kept watching. Aside from having good coaching and being highly motivated athletes, they were also having a lot of FUN. Making jokes and teasing each other every chance they got.

When the athlete who was filming asked the others what they liked best about swimming and their Olympic pursuit, every single one said, “Being with the team.”

It’s not surprising. How else could someone endure that much physical punishment day after day and actually WANT TO keep doing it.


If you already look forward to going to the gym, exercise or salsa class then congrats. I’d challenge you to do what you can to make it even more enjoyable though.

If you dread exercise then you’re going to need to change how you think about it. Ask yourself how you can have the most fun while exercising? It might be with friends you like being with, joining a class of some sort or a group who train regularly that seem like they’re having a good time.

Go for the exercise, stay for the laughs.

– SolidWeigtLoss

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