Eat Dessert Everyday to Keep you Motivated

Eat Dessert for Motivation and Weight Loss

Eating More can Shed Pounds

The notion of eating dessert daily to help with your dieting efforts is based on the idea that you will be eating healthy (but TASTY!) desserts, with few calories and low to no added sugars.

The dessert in the image above is a perfect example of what a healthy and enjoyable dessert might look like. It’s a large fruit cup that …

IS – tasty, sweet and high in water and fiber, and something to look forward to.

and …

ISN’T – sugary, high in fat or calories, bad for your health and too difficult to make.

There are many different types of desserts that fit some of the criteria above. Take some time to find about 7 different desserts that you can have that won’t ruin your dieting plan, and rotate them throughout the week.

It’s worth the effort in the short and long run.

– The SolidWeightLoss Team

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