Add some Muscle to Lose Weight

Adding Muscle for Weight Loss

Adding Muscle will make you Leaner

Many women are afraid to lift weights for fear that they will become too big and bulky. A belief that is completely understandable since most of our media shows bulked up, muscle bound men and women lifting weights, so that the two (lifting + bulk) are associated with each other.

To get that big for women though is really hard. You’d have to lift 4 times per week like a power lifter and eat tons of protein, and even then you likely won’t look like the women who are professional bodybuilders.

Getting some muscle on your frame affords these benefits:

1- More body tone
2- Faster overall metabolism
3- Better health
4- More fat burning all day long

So with no downside it’s an obvious benefit to add some resistance training to your overall weight loss plan.

– The SolidWeightLoss Team

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