The 3 Tenets of Successful Weight Loss

Weight Loss Success Tenets

Diet Laws

The three tenets are the foundation for any diet that you will ever want to try.

1st – The diet has to be reasonably healthy for you. There’s no point in putting in months or years of effort and discipline in order to lose weight, only to have to stop and go in a completely different direction because your body can no longer tolerate the negative health repercussions.

At best you will have wasted time.

At worst you will have wasted time, become cynical about dieting in general, feel frustrated, perhaps depressed and then have a new health problem to deal with.

Not worth it.

2nd – The diet you are looking to try has to be somewhat enjoyable. Willpower will only take you so far, and after that, the food has to taste good and be satisfying or else you won’t last long on it.

Here we’re thinking of those diets that are bland or uniform in some way like the grapefruit or all-liquid-diets that sound like a plan at first but soon become intolerable, even to think about.

Move on.

3rd – The diet has to be something you can easily follow long term.

This tenet builds on the last two. In order to follow through on a diet long term, you need to make sure it is good for you, that it tastes good and is satisfying to you, and that you can see yourself doing for many years, even for life …


Feel that you will receive enough PLEASURE from it.

In the following weeks, months, years to come … you should be able to get some tips and ideas here and there to build yourself a SOLID plan.

This is the blog’s first and most important post.

Eat and Enjoy!

– The SolidWeightLoss Team

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