Change Your Insulin, Change Your Weight

Insulin Control for Weight Loss

All Weight Loss is Ultimately About Insulin

Every single diet and exercise program that works, even a little, is because of the effect it has on your insulin.


  • Insulin takes blood sugar (glucose) that you get from eating carbohydrates and distributes it to the cells all over your body.
  • More carbs and more food need higher levels of insulin.
  • When your insulin is high throughout the day for long periods of time, your cells start to become insulin resistant. That means they resist the effect of insulin and so your body releases more insulin to make sure your cells have the sugar (energy) they need. This creates a negative spiral effect making the problem worse as time goes on.
  • As you become more insulin resistant you start to gain weight and become more at risk of cardiovascular diseases, dementia and other complications that are similar to those of a type 2 diabetic.

So that’s how insulin works in a nutshell and why you DON’T want to be insulin resistant.


You instead want your (body) cells to be insulin sensitive. That means that they don’t need too much insulin to get the job done. The blood glucose is shunted EASILY into your muscles, liver and brain with less insulin.

This has the opposite effect on your body that being insulin resistant has above – you LOSE weight and shed body fat while enjoying better overall health.


To understand this better, let’s use an analogy that involves alcohol, something most people can relate to (at least at one point in their lives.)

An alcohol virgin, someone who never really drank before would be considered, “alcohol sensitive.” That is, it doesn’t take very much alcohol to get them shamefully “sloshed” – in some cases, it’s half a glass of wine. Their cells are very sensitive to alcohol which is a good thing health wise, but not so great for your social image.

It’s good for your health because alcohol has detrimental effects on your body and so needing only a little spares your body those consequences. As a person drinks more and more, they get “used to it” and their body starts to need more to get the same high.

How does one become more Insulin Sensitive?

  • Eat less overall food
  • Eat less sugary foods
  • Eat less carbohydrates in general
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Fasting of any kind
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Weights and high intensity exercise (HIIT) like sprints, stairs etc.

You can now see the mechanism behind why most diets work; eating less. They “work” in so far as people lose weight but they generally don’t work long term since they are hard to stick to.

It’s why exercise works to a degree and why all of the newer, low-carb diets are becoming popular.


The optimal combination of the above ways to increase insulin sensitivity is as follows:

1- Adopt a low carb or Ketogenic Diet
2- Combine that diet with Intermittent Fasting
3- High intensity exercise like heavy weights and hill running etc.

Any variation of that combination is what has been found to quickly and EFFICIENTLY take fat off, and keep it that way.

Insulin manipulation has always been the KEY, no matter the method.

Control your insulin and you control your weight.

– SolidWeightLoss

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