Myth: You need to Eat Carbs for your Brain

Carbs and Brain Myth

Yeah your brain needs fuel but it doesn’t have to be from carbs.


Look closely at the people who resist the newer science that has come out. Notice how they seem almost to be angry or peeved at the idea that it actually might be better to eat fat and protein via meat and animal products, and so rally behind whole grains with everything they have. It’s for this reason that so many MYTHS are propagated in articles and blog posts time and again (of course not THIS blog … I mean every OTHER blog 🙂 )

To even suggest or entertain the idea that eating meat and lots of fat may not only be good for you, but BETTER than eating plant foods is scandalous.


Carbs are the main source of fuel for the brain on our typical diet. But when we switch over to a ketogenic or low carb diet (or when we fast), we somehow avoid falling unconscious due to brain shut down – as those other bloggers (who aren’t me!) will have you believe.

When carbs are scarce in our bloodstream the brain uses ketones which are simply broken down fats. The liver takes fat from our diet or our body, breaks it down to ketones, sends them into the blood and the brain eats them up. It’s that simple.

Technically our brain needs a tiny amount of carbs but if we don’t eat it our body will make it from protein.

So why does the myth live on? Resistance, bias, agendas and simply the fact that not everyone’s updated their “Diet Knowledge” file yet as changes like this do take time.


Is is important to get the right facts. People with their own agendas will happily lead the world astray like the Pied Piper above. He lead all the town’s children into a cave, never to be seen again out of resentment and bitterness.

So be choosy with who you read and follow (that applies of course to everyone else but me 🙂 )

– SolidWeightLoss

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