Diets going to the Extremes

Going to the Extremes with Dieting

I do get it.

You want to follow your new diet to the T so that if (and likely when) it doesn’t work you can at least say that you gave it an honest try. You can also criticize it fairly as well.

You can see examples in some of the more popular diets:

  • Keto – where fat rules and foods like bacon, butter, cream and sausage are staples.
  • Green Plant Diet – If it’s green and leafy, it’s going into EVERYTHING, even other green and leafy dishes.
  • Low Fat Diet – Basically plants, dry grains and watery milk. A diet that’s a notch above prison food in terms of taste.

The problem with being too rigid with these, or any diet is that the short term goal of losing weight quickly is put before the long term solution which will always yield better results.


The Keto Diet will deliver for sure, but eating that much fat is hard on the body and difficult to sustain. Why not try a low carb diet instead? You don’t need to put your pancreas out of a job. Just keeping your insulin low will work.

The Green Plant Diet will supply nothing but good nutrition. But, instead of opening a kale bar in your home, why not focus on just getting enough nutrients from greens and then chilling out. Eat some high quality grain and clean cuts of beef. The body can only use what it needs and disposes of the rest.

The Low Fat Diet is pass̩ and is now known to be somewhat unhealthy. It turns out we need moderate amounts of fat in our diet for our brain, immune system, nervous system and to build cells Рnothing important really. Instead focus on what you need to do to keep fat low on your body = keeping sugar and carbs in check.


Again, taking a longer term view and just moving yourself in the right direction, bit by bit without going to the extremes is what is proven to work.

Everything else is just stress.

– SolidWeightLoss

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