It’s Hard to know How Many Calories we Eat

Trying to Estimate the Calorie Count is Futile

Hard to Count Calories

It is not uncommon for people to start thinking that they have gotten a good feeling for how many calories are in the food they’re eating and to stop counting their calories.

Now I want to preface this by saying that this might indeed work for some people. Weight loss is simple, but there are a lot of different ways to go about it and if this works for you, that’s awesome!!

If you’re still reading tho, I’m assuming it does not work for you. Have you thought that after counting calories for some weeks or months you could stop logging your food and leave it to your intuition, because you felt that you had gotten a good grasp on how many calories hide in food?


You have probably overestimated yourself here! Because while you may know more about calories now than before, you do not realize that logging your food serves more than one purpose.

It helps you keep track of how many calories you’ve eaten that day, but it ALSO helps you remind yourself that you have had enough calories for your meal and prevents you from consuming unnecessary calories and holds you accountable for it.

If you have an unhealthy relationship with food, this reminder, this accountability cannot be passed up. Trust me, you might think you’re at a place now where you don’t need this tool any longer, but sooner rather than later you might notice that you’re no longer dropping weight or even starting to gain it back even tho you think you’re not overeating.

But remember it’s just a tool. It’s good to use but better to focus on the big picture.

Calorie counting is a very helpful tool and it is in your best interest to get a feel for what you consume. You can slowly try easing your way into planning meals without counting the calories and go from there, but you don’t need to know what your daily consumption is exactly.


Coming from someone who thought they didn’t need to track their food anymore as they had a pretty good grasp on calories in food lol. Luckily didn’t gain anything back, but being stuck at the same weight really kills your motivation. Now getting back to simply lowering the amount of carbs I put in my body and I’ve started losing again.

So, my fellow sexy people please don’t overdo it with the counting! It’s super annoying and inconvenient! You will be rewarded for your resilience in simply lowering carbs in the long run!

Anyways, CICO is not the only way to go about things, BUT if it works for you then keep at it! You can have cheat days and things like that and still always keep cico around as a helpful tool to utilize.

– Leena

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