My Weight Loss Benefits Losing over 100lbs

The Changes I went through as I Lost 100 Lbs

Weight Loss Benefits

When I started losing weight, I looked up the benefits of losing weight online a million times. It really kept me going, so I wanted to make my own list. And tell you that it is really worth it! Each little change you notice feels so great.

P.S. buy a damned scale and take progress pics. You’re a smart person, you need to be scientific about this, and you will appreciate the data afterward.

I’m about 5’11/182 cm and 180ish lbs now

Timeline of My Weight Loss Benefits

315, 0 lbs lost: This is when I started. I was wearing XL shirts (Size 42+ pants) but should have been wearing 2 or 3XL. It was painfully obvious in photos. I needed to take breaks during short walks and rarely left the house.

285, 30 lbs lost: About 2 or 3 months after I started, I finally started to notice some subtle changes in my face

265, 50 lbs lost: I was able to go on a run! At this weight, it still hurt my knees quite a bit. When I went to get my blood pressure checked, it was still

260, 55 lbs lost lbs: I started going to a CrossFit gym. CrossFit was and STILL is difficult. I was able to complete a 1-mile run.

235 lbs, 80 lbs lost: I got my first date since gaining weight again. This was about the weight I had set an arbitrary limit to start letting myself go on dates again.

225, 90lbs lost: My blood pressure returned to normal. Started getting A LOT of compliments. I started wearing large size t-shirts. I bought a whole new wardrobe (the funny thing is that I got a bunch of size 34 pants for my birthday and they fit me well for about a few weeks because I was losing 4 lbs a week)

215, 100 lbs lost: This was a mental breakthrough. Until I hit the mythical 100 lbs lost, I still didn’t feel like I had “done it”.

205, 110 lbs lost: I saw some really big changes in my face. I started to look a lot more defined! My pants size at this point was about 33 (a decrease of 8 inches)

199.8 lbs: This is the mythical “onederland” that people online would talk about. Finally being under 100 lbs for the first time in a decade feels great, even if it’s just a number.

185 lbs, 130 lbs lost: Started to notice a lot more definition with veins and muscles.

180 lbs, 135 lbs lost: This is my current weight, and it feels really good. I wear a size 31 in pants (-11 inches)

165 lbs, 150 lbs lost: My final goal! I really hope to hit this summer. It is just a number, but 150 lbs lost is huge. At this weight, I should be able to wear Medium size t-shirts comfortably.

Physical Changes After Losing Weight

– I don’t have allergies or asthma anymore, it’s just gone!

– No reoccurring sickness. Before, a sinus infection or cold was a twice-a-year ordeal.

– ZERO heartburn. I think that eating less and eating to half full really helps a lot with this!

– No more sleep apnea! I would hear from friends and family that I would stop breathing while I was sleeping.

– Blood Pressure problems are gone. I went from dangerous levels to better than average, also with the help of exercise.

– My breathing is just better in general. Before I would be huffing and puffing. One day I was lying in bed and just noticed that I take way fewer breaths per minute than before. Honestly, it was a little scary but I got used to it. No more gasping for air while talking!

– I need a lot less sleep. Before, it was almost guaranteed that I could sleep 10-12 hours straight, and now I can pretty comfortably subsist with 6-7 hours. The NEED to nap is gone!

– Along with sleeping less, I don’t crash because I’m not eating a ton of sugar and bursting at the seams with food.

– I lost 11+ inches in my waist and have dropped from a 2XL to almost a medium in shirt size.

– It’s possible to walk all day long! I can keep up with friends when exploring a new place.

– I just feel a lot lighter and don’t feel like a bowling ball trying to move between pins when I’m walking through crowds. Sometimes I still move like I’m larger than I am and require the space I did before because that’s what I’m used to.

– I’m quite cold sometimes, the wind really bites now. But I’ve also realized I’m just an always-hot type of person so it isn’t as drastic as I expected.

Mental Changes After Losing Weight

– I’m not as hungry all the time and my stomach shrunk a bit from the change in diet.

– I’m happier and have less tendency to fall into depression (and when I do it’s easier to get out).

– My taste in food has changed and I actually enjoy a lot of healthy foods like vegetables now.

– The opposite sex has a lot more interest now. It went from 0 to a marked increase. It’s weird when people call me handsome.

– Everyone is a lot nicer to me. Unfortunately, I’ve found that people just treat me better and people are more likely to do a favor for me or give me the benefit of the doubt.

– Increased confidence. Side note: I check myself out in the mirror quite a bit more.

– I still have problems seeing myself as extremely different than before. That’s not to say I have body dysmorphia but something is there.

– I have increased confidence that I have the ability to accomplish goals because this was a huge one.

Strange Changes I Didn’t Expect

– Some loose skin. Overall, I think I got pretty lucky but in the end, I think I will have a bit of loose skin remaining. Not enough to need surgery, but I do feel a bit flabby in certain places like under my arms and legs.

– I lost half a shoe size! This one was pretty weird, but I suppose it makes sense.

– My veins are quite striking. I completely forgot that I even had them!

– The bathroom experience is a lot better. I don’t need to use it as often and when I do – let’s just say everything is a bit easier.

Thanks for reading! I hope I helped your blog readers to decide to really get started.

Throughout the whole process, I was taking mental notes. I was really concerned thinking: If I do this, HOW THE HECK will I reframe it into succinct advice to help others. And I’m not perfect, and I still don’t have the answers but hopefully, I can be of service.

– Atom

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