Keeping Your Workouts Fun – Trying New Things

New things make diet and exercise fun

Novelty Gives You a Boost of Motivation

One secret to keeping life fun and interesting is to add novelty, meaning something new. Novelty stimulates parts of the brain to release more dopamine which makes you feel happy and boosts feelings of well-being.

It’s why therapists are always telling couples to try new things together in all aspects of their lives, and why we like visiting new places and meeting new people.

When you consider the idea that you could get that feeling of well-being and pleasure by simply trying one new exercise in the gym, that you perhaps saw on Youtube and are excited to try, is pretty amazing.

You can do the same by taking a new running path or cycling route etc…

The dopamine high is like a natural drug and so why not use its powerful effects to move you in the direction you seek? Better health and a better life.

– The SolidWeightLoss Team

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