How do you Look like This?

Diet Principals

Diet Principals and the Power of a Goal

The sculpted woman in this photo doesn’t look like she does because she follows the Keto, Paleo or any other diet. She may use those diets, or use elements of them that work for her but her real secret is …

… That She Aims much Higher.

She’s not simply looking to stay on a specific diet given to her by a group or a nutritionist. She’s looking to BE someone different and is focusing all of her energies to get herself there.

She has a challenging yet realistic goal in mind all the time and is driven by the excitement of getting there.

The prize is not looking slimmer, it’s being in the that space and feeling what it is to be someone new and driven, with goals and possibilities.

Then, when she cheats, she can cheat BIG, and enjoy it and then look forward to more pleasure which is the lifestyle she has now adopted.

– SolidWeightLoss

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