The only way Coffee really can help you Lose Weight

Coffee Diet

The coffee diet claims that you can lose weight by drinking coffee as long as you follow a sensible diet.

That’s like saying you can strike it rich by continuously playing the lottery your whole life … as long as you also save a decent amount every month and invest it in index funds. You’ll definitely be wealthy, but not because you played the lottery.


They say that you’ll lose weight because caffeine speeds up your metabolism and so burns more fat. All of which is true.

The effect isn’t that big though and so won’t move the scale all that much. Besides, it’s not healthy to take a stimulant for long periods anyway. A cup of coffee a day is fine but to get the fat burning, metabolism boosting effects needed to really lose fat you’d have to drink 4-8 cups in a short period of time … daily. At that point it becomes a chore, expensive, uncomfortable and the side effects are not fun.


Drinking coffee can be useful and help with your dieting efforts but the following conditions need to apply first:

1- You need to really enjoy drinking it. If not why even bother.
2- You don’t use sugar or anything sweet aside from artificial sweeteners. Cream and milk are fine.
3- You make it a part of your daily, dietary routine.

The suggestion now is to fill a nice, big mug and drink it in place of eating snacks, to help curb binges and even to skip meals.

Some people don’t need to eat much in the morning and so for them a coffee will do nicely. Others have a hard time staying away from desserts and so sitting in front of the TV with a large coffee that takes time to drink is a much better substitute.

To understand why these types of changes help please read the posts on insulin and intermittent fasting.

Drink, enjoy and be merry, understanding that coffee is about as helpful in losing weight as buying a lottery ticket is to becoming rich.

– SolidWeightLoss

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