How to Lose Weight Eating Pizza

Lots of Cheese on this Large Pizza

How to Lose Weight Eating Pizza

How to live the dream.


I received this question from a reader. He asked if it was possible to lose weight by eating pizza. Before I go into it, I just have to say that only the mind of an 11-year-old could come up with a question like this.

And I love it. Because only the mind of youth will ask themselves how to make life as easy and as fun as possible, while the matures out there think that they have to be “grown-up” which really means taking all the fun out of everything.

Being mature is necessary though. Because only a mature mind will look at themselves and realize that a change has to be made for the better, and that it might require some type of sacrifice or uncomfortable transition period to get there.

I always say that the best of both worlds is the best way forward. For some reason our culture seems to think that the best way forward is through pain or deprivation of some kind but I don’t think that’s true. I think that has to do with unresolved, psychological issues that are playing out through feeling the need for punishment.

So, good for this reader. Because asking this kind of question is looking for the best of both worlds “ideal”. Making life fun while at the same time making it better.

About Weight Loss

Finding a Way


You can lose weight eating almost any food. Remember about 10 years ago or so there was that guy who went viral on social media because he was able to lose a good amount of weight eating Twinkies?

I think it was a professor at a university who was overweight and lost about 27 pounds or so eating Twinkies all day over 2 1/2 months. I believe he did say that he consumed a protein shake and some vitamins so that his body could actually get the nutrition required to live – something that’s somewhat important when you’re deciding what you can eat for the next little while.

The reason he gave as to why he lost weight was because he took in fewer calories than he expended. So basically he ate less which is what traditional diets are based on, lots of pain and despair.

It’s a given though that if he was to continue that diet long term that he would have health problems so course it’s not recommended. It’s also not known if he would’ve continued to lose weight had he stayed on that diet for a full year. I mean Twinkies are good and everything but how long can you eat them multiple times a day, every single day before feeling sick and disgusted? Ever see that McDonald’s documentary that some guy made where he ate McDonald’s food three times a day for a month? Yeah I mean that kinda disgusted.

I’m mentioning the Twinkie example not to promote the diet but to show that it is possible to lose weight eating junk food (and therefore any kind of food). It’s just usually not recommended as something healthy to pursue.

But again, if there was a way to lose weight eating pizza and it was healthy, or at least not unhealthy, then what would that way look like?

Let’s get creative and see what we can come up with.

Eating a Large Dinner for Weight Loss

Low Carb, Ham & Bacon Pizza


If you read this blog for any length of time that you know that there are a variety of ways to arrange your diet so you can lose weight. Some of these include lowering your carbohydrate intake, intermittent fasting and changing how much, and when you eat.

So what we have to do is follow those same principles with this pizza diet we are going to create.

1) Cheat Day Pizza Party – the first way that we can have pizza and still lose weight is to follow a diet that we like and are comfortable with, and add planned cheat days within it. On your cheating days you would have as much pizza as you’d like. Then after you’ve had your fill, and you feel like the world is right again, you go back on your diet or eating regime and look forward to your next cheat day. Some people prefer (or need) a cheat day once a week while others only require one once a month. You can play around with the schedule and see what you can get away with. You might even be able to do it every fourth or even third day depending on how your week of eating is structured.

2) Keto Pizza – contrary to popular belief, the part of the pizza that causes you to gain weight is not the high fat cheese, oil or pepperoni toppings. The part that causes you to gain weight is the crust. That’s where all the carbohydrate is. So if we created a new, Keto pizza and had it be exactly the same as our favorite, regular pizza – meaning as much rich, melted cheese and toppings as we like – but replaced the traditional crust with a low carbohydrate one (which you can find online by looking up Keto, pizza crust recipes),  you could probably eat one of these every single night, and still lose weight as long as your breakfast and lunch are not too heavy. But you wouldn’t mind having smaller meals in the A.M. because you know at the end of the day you’ll more than make up for it.

3) OMAD – stands for one meal a day. This isn’t for everybody but the people that do start to eat this way really like it once they get used to it and they never really look back. They say that they have much more energy throughout the day and just feel great overall. And when it’s dinner time they can look forward to a ‘feast of a meal’ and not worry about calories so much. So if you choose this path you need to make sure that along with some pizza you also have adequate, quality protein, good fats and vegetables. An example of this would be having a couple slices of pizza and a salad with greens, chicken and avocado. I recommend eating the salad first because nothing is going to taste all that great after you’ve devoured freshly baked, cheesy pizza.

4) Combination of Above – and finally you can choose to mix-and-match strategies depending on how much, and how often you want to eat pizza. For example you might eat clean one week and then have a cheat day, and then the day after not feel like going back to clean eating so you decide to eat only one meal that day at dinner time (chances are you’d be full from the day before anyway so it wouldn’t be that difficult). Or you could have low-carb pizza for three days in a row and then do one meal a day with real pizza, and then a week of clean eating and then a great big cheat day etc., you get the idea. The key here is to find something that works for you.


What’s key here with you new pizza diet or with any diet that you choose to take on is that you enjoy it. If you’re not looking forward to the food you eat then it won’t be long before you go back to your old ways, to the diet that gave you results you didn’t want.

I have a feeling though that with this pizza diet you won’t have much of a problem enjoying yourself. Call it a hunch.


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