Lose Weight Eating Healthy with NO Exercise

Eating a Large Salad for her Weight Loss Program

Lose Weight Eating Healthy without Exercising

Since weight loss is 80% diet and only 20% exercise, it’s easy to lose weight through dieting alone.


Of course everyone’s going to tell you that exercise is really important, and that there are so many benefits to exercising and that it’s a key part of weight loss etc., and they will do it all with a pumped up, peppy tone in their voice.

Then the tone changes somewhat to be less excited, and they say, “Of course you can lose weight on diet alone but is better with exercise!”

What they are really communicating in their tone without really saying it outwardly, is that you can lose weight without having to exercise but “we” think it’s better if you do exercise as well, and were going to be happier if you do …

It’s like going to car dealership to buy a new set of wheels and at the very end during the negotiation process, the dealer puts on his act right after you refuse the extended warranty and rust proofing options, by looking down and away from you and saying, “All right, it’s your call but I just want you to be protected, I just want what’s best for you.”

(Doesn’t everybody?)

What he’s really saying is, “I’m not going to be happy if you don’t take my offer, and since our society runs on approval from other people, I’m going to use that to my advantage and hope that it affects you and makes you feel badly enough, so that you don’t want to tolerate the discomfort of it anymore and give into what I want.”

Ignore all that. Yes you can buy a car however you want and it’s fine. And yes you can lose weight without doing any exercise, and that’s perfectly fine too.

Of course it is better to exercise along with adopting a healthy diet, but you already know this and are here to find out if it’s possible to not exercise and lose weight, and if so how to do just that.

Losing Weight

A Few Extra Pounds


There used to be this famous triathlete from Germany whose name I can’t recall at the moment, but all of his training buddies used to call him bacon. He wasn’t too overweight but for a sport that demands a lower level of body fat let’s just say you could pinch more on his waist than was ideal.

His training schedule was brutal to. It consisted of hours a day of running, biking, swimming and even some weights thrown in throughout the week. He had a high work ethic and did more exercise than 99.99% of the population of the world.

Yet he still had some excess body fat. The reason for that was because he ate too much. During one competitive race shown on TV, they paused to air a mini profile on him and one of the things that he said was that he was a very social guy and that he liked and even needed, being with friends and going out and having a good time.

They show him having large pints of beer at the pub with friends and eating fried foods and just having an overall good time. To him, balance in life was important. He didn’t want to sacrifice any time with friends or sacrifice any of the social time (and the eating and drinking fun that comes with it) that is important to people his age, late 20s and early 30s.

Now it didn’t impact his performance all that much. He likely would’ve performed better had he had less body fat in him but he also would’ve been less happy overall. Tthis example does show that while exercise is important, diet is the real boss when it comes to losing fat.


The Best Diet without Exercise

I’m Okay, You’re Okay


If you’re someone who hates exercise then you’ve come to the right page. You’ll find acceptance here at SolidWeightLoss, even though blasphemous words may come out of your mouth (blasphemous to the diet purists that is) by expressing your dislike of exercise.

What’s really important is that you improve your health. What’s not important is making others happy. What’s also not important is how you get there …

… as long as you get there you’re golden.

Now then, to lose weight you’re going to have to manage your insulin by managing your diet (if you’re interested in the why or the how, check out this page,) and there are several ways to do this.

1) Eating healthy. If your diet is full of sugar and junk food, or processed foods with high carbohydrate and low protein, then eating healthier will be better for you insulin-wise and you will automatically lose weight without having to eat less food.

2) Eating Less. This works somewhat for a while, but nobody wants to do it so just go on to number three.

3) Big, filling, tasty salads. If you replace some of your meals or some of your snacks with very large bowls filled with plant food, herbs, seasonings and light dressings, then you will accomplish two things; the first is feeling satisfied and full, and the second is to have eaten healthier, which, if kept up in the long term, will result in weight loss.

4) Low carb. Everyone’s talking about low carbohydrate diets so you likely know what kind those are. They are the Keto, Paleo and Atkins type diets. These diets favor foods like meat, cheese, eggs and depending on the diet some fruit and vegetables. Some of these diets can be extreme but luckily you don’t need to go that extreme in order to create the desired, metabolic effect in your body. In other words you don’t have to marry your diet to lose weight. Just cutting some carbohydrates out of your meals and replacing them with good quality proteins and quality fats, like avocados, will help a lot.

There are many other ways to eat healthy and lose lots of weight. The four suggestions above are just a few examples of how you can go about this.

Once again no, you don’t need to exercise at all, you don’t need the guilt that comes from wanting to NOT exercise, and you can still lose weight …

… and still be a good person 🙂

– SolidWeightLoss

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