Just use Portion Control … Obviously!

Portion Control Fail for Diet and Weight Loss

Oh, and try using smaller plates. That ALWAYS works.

Yes I am being sarcastic.

I heard a dietician on TV giving advice to a group of people in the audience on how to lose weight and she focused a lot on portion control and on tips that were similar and complimentary.

Basically she’s saying that …

“If you want to lose weight, simply eat less!”

Not in so many words of course but she is implying through her suggestions – serving yourself less food than you usually would, or using smaller dishes to serve your food in than you are used to – as ways of saying the same thing really.

Now, if you’re the type of person who brings the entire box of cookies with you to the couch with the intention of only eating 1 or 2 then yeah, putting 1 or 2 on a plate instead and bringing THAT to the couch may stop you from eating the whole thing outright.

And if it doesn’t, well at least by getting up and going to the kitchen you have to be conscious about getting more, knowing you shouldn’t be and feeling somewhat guilty about it.

In other words you can’t say you were distracted by the TV and didn’t realize how many you put away.

But I don’t believe that that is he biggest issue people have when trying to lose weight. I don’t believe it counts for much as a tip really.


What are the most useful things to know when trying to lose weight?

1- First is to understand the part your psychology plays in this.

2- Next is knowing how to manipulate your insulin.

3- Then, keep reading these tips, a few a day.

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