Calorie Deficit and yet I’m not Hungry

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Calorie Deficit yet not Hungry

From the few different calculations I’ve tried, my calorie intake should be between 2500-2700 calories. Last time I lost weight, I stayed around a 500 calorie deficit which I struggled with, partially thanks to binge eating disorder, but over time made it work.

Fast forward to a couple months ago, after a long year I had gained around 50 more pounds, and hit 290 at one point. I eventually found the will to try and lose weight again. Again, struggling at first with binging more than anything. Skip to now, I have managed to control the binging quite well. Since getting to this point though, I have been eating surprisingly little.

By little, I am saying around 1200 calories at least to 1500 calories at most. But, I’m not hungry the majority of the time. It is the first time in my life that I am not dominated by hunger and my relationship with food. I am also a creature of habit and heavily repeat the same foods.

A typical day the past two weeks has been two eggs cooked with 1/2 a tablespoon of butter and a couple turkey sausage links, which should be around 280 calories.

For lunch I’ve been having a 6 inch ham and cheese sub with lettuce/olives on plain Italian from subway, which according to their ingredients listing adds up to 300 calories. And for dinner, I’ve been having…the same thing but a foot long. So, around 600 calories.

I don’t know *why* I have been eating the same thing, but it is something I do enjoy eating. As for drinks, I mainly drink sparkling water and gatorade zero- Also what I like, not a change from the norm. So all in all, I have been ranging close to 1200, sometimes 1500 with the occasional different lunch or dinner.

I do know this is *very* low for my weight. I know 1500-1700 is significantly low too and that it would be ideal trying to maintain 2000-2200 a day for the usual steady pace.

But the strange thing, to me, is I am not going hungry. I don’t feel (physically, I am aware mentally.) like I’m eating too little. I don’t have cravings that I am suppressing.

I do have an appointment with my doctor coming up where I will bring it up, just to be on the safe side.

Thanks for reading!

– JT

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