Make Lazy Work for you in Weight Loss

Lazy Weight Loss

Use Laziness to Lose Weight

Humans are lazy. We just are. We don’t have a huge amount of willpower at all times, especially late in the evening. Use this to your advantage. Construct your environment to make healthy eating easier and quicker than eating junk. Don’t keep junk around. Make it hard to access junk. Do keep healthy options around. Make it easy to access healthy options.

I have a bowl of fruit on the table. I have microwave popcorn ready to go (300 calories per 8 cups of popcorn!). I have fat free Greek yogurt and berries in the fridge. I almost always have healthy food prepped and ready for the microwave. Bagged salad makes it easier for me to pick a salad; so I have lots of bagged salad on hand (with low calorie dressing).

If I want junk food I have to leave the house to go and get it. I don’t have any food delivery apps, I don’t have the numbers of any restaurants saved on my phone. If I want to order food I have to use search engines, have to download apps, I have to make phone calls.

Small barriers; but for me it helps enough to save some calories. I even have a friend who puts all the junk-food on top of the fridge where she can’t reach it without a chair (she’s short), and for her this makes enough of a difference to save some calories.

Willpower is great. but it will eventually fail. So shape your environment to make dieting easy and low effort. Keep junk food out of sight, ideally out of the house. And work on building good habits too, so it’s second nature to you to make healthy choices.

It’s the best way use laziness to your advantage when dieting.

– Haylee

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