How Using Fruit can help you Lose Weight

Fruit for Weight Loss


We’ll start right off by saying that fruit doesn’t have any magical weight loss powers. In reality there are no foods that have the ability to burn belly fat, or to target any other area of the body. All food you take in is digested and then ads calories to your body.

The magical ability that fruit does have, is that it both tastes good AND is good for you!

In the diet and weight loss world that is miraculous.

Of course it can’t compare to a cinnamon bun or an ice cream sundae when it comes to immediate pleasure and satisfaction. But, all things considered, fruit does provide a great return on investment, especially in the satisfaction department.

First we’ll talk health. Fruit has fiber, antioxidants, is low in calories etc… You pretty much know this already.

It also has natural sugars which aren’t much of a weight gain concern (except for certain ones like grapes and cherries) because they don’t increase your levels of insulin sufficiently to take your body out of it’s fat burning state the way carbs do.

So what’s the secret?

Buy more!!

Seriously. The effort is in the making-it-happen, which doesn’t require much effort. Just buy lots of fruit that you like and snack on that when you have cravings.

Berries are a great choice.

One step at a time.

More tips to come.

– The SolidWeightLoss Team

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