This isn’t Cheating on your Diet

Diet Cheat day - Burger

The Okay Type of Cheating

Generally when junk or cheat foods are depicted on tv or on social media, the representative image is usually a burger with fries. It’s odd because of all the foods that will cause you to gain weight, burgers aren’t really that bad.

Fries are and the pop or soda is even worse but a burger isn’t the culprit that it’s made out to be.

The “okay” type of cheating is for days when it’s not your actual cheat day, where you’d eat pizza and cheesecake, but for days when your cravings are getting the better of you and something TASTY is very much desired.

In the burger above you can see that the amount of meat and vegetables is significant, and that the bun (carbs) is whole wheat. If you can factor in your carbs to have them for dinner on that night then a giant burger like that gives you no cause to feel guilt or to worry about ruining your diet for the week.

Enjoy, and then look forward to your REAL cheat day.

– The SolidWeightLoss Team

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