Eating Eggs for Breakfast to Lose Weight

Eating Eggs for Weight Loss

It doesn’t have to be just breakfast as eggs can be eaten at any meal.

The reason why it is suggested that eating eggs for breakfast helps people lose weight has nothing to do with the egg itself triggering fat loss from your waist. It is based on a few reasons and/or conditions:

1- You have to eat ONLY EGGS for breakfast, or more specifically, eggs and other foods that are not carbs (usually you are fine with just eggs in the morning which is why it is assumed they are the only thing eaten).

2- Eggs are traditionally a morning food so it’s an easy food to adopt for breakfast.

3- Eggs are high in fat and protein which means they digest slowly and keep you full and satisfied until lunch.

4- By eating only eggs, you are naturally extending the carbohydrate fasting period which is the BIGGEST REASON why eating eggs in the morning helps with weight loss … INSULIN.

Lower carbohydrate diets work because they keep your insulin levels low, which is the key to losing and keeping the weight off.

If you had toast or cereal for breakfast and only eggs for lunch that would still be advantageous for weight loss since at least one meal of the day is zero-carb. But it wouldn’t be as beneficial as switching that around so that your body had no carbs at all, from the last night’s evening meal (dinner) right to the next day’s lunch.

That’s 18 hours of your 24 hour day carb-free!!

Pretty simple.

The only thing left to do to make this a habit is to unlearn the, “eggs are horrible for you because they contain high levels of cholesterol that will clog up your arteries and give you crabs,” campaigns of the 1980s.

– SolidWeightLoss

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