Get Rid of the Scale & Lose Weight

Lose Weight by getting rid of the Scale

Get Rid of the Scale

I used to weigh myself daily (last recorded weight 200lbs, 5.9″ at 26F) it made me sad, so sad that after a while my boyfriend (who has loved me as much at 210lbs as at 170lbs) got sick of it and threw it out. It was making me more depressed and demotivated.

Now I measure my waist once a week and try on clothes/old rings to see where I am. I lost almost 3(really 2.7) inches off my waist! I’m so happy! I feel a lot curvier and prettier now that my waist is more defined.

This method of weight loss is helping me focus more on eating well, exercising and self care rather than focussing (and being dejected) by a number. Of course there’s nothing wrong with using a scale if that works for you!! But this is what works for me 🙂

I have no idea what my weight is these days but I’m doing well 🙂

– Carrie

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